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Sewing with Cosamin®DS

"My name is Louise, and I'm 67 years old. I have made a hobby of sewing, but it's been very difficult the past few years. I turned to my pharmacist who recommended Cosamin®DS. I am forever grateful for both her suggestion and your product. I have noticed a marked difference in my abilities without discomfort. I just finished a project that I've been dreading because I needed to "finish" it with hand-sewing. Again, thanks so much!" ~Louise S., Florida


Take the Shot with Cosamin®DS

"Some 20 years ago, while playing basketball, I developed knee discomfort and went to an orthopedic surgeon. He x-rayed and recommended Cosamin®DS and I've been taking the product ever since.

I'm still on Cosamin®DS, and, at 81 years old, I have played in three National Senior Games of basketball, winning a gold medal this past year in Birmingham, Alabama. in the 80+ bracket. I play basketball twice weekly and I swim ½ mile weekly. I still walk and play golf regularly. I also work out at the local gym to keep in shape. My wife and I walk at least 120 miles of beach each winter.

I have mentioned Cosamin® to any who will listen. Not sure how your product works, but you'll never get me to stop taking Cosamin®." – Paul S., Ohio.


15 Years with Cosamin®DS

"I have used Cosamin®DS for 15 years. I take 2 capsules a day, and am very pleased with the results, what a great product." -Richard Z. Florida.