Cosamin®DS Success Stories

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I’m Walking in Comfort with Cosamin®DS!

I have terrible knee discomfort and Cosamin®DS makes it possible for me to walk without being in unbelievable discomfort. I have been so much better since I found it!

Sewing with Cosamin®DS

My name is Louise, and I'm 67 years old. I have made a hobby of sewing, but it's been very difficult the past few years. In desperation, I turned to my pharmacist who recommended Cosamin®DS. I am forever grateful for both her suggestion and your product. I have noticed a marked difference in my abilities without discomfort although I've only been using it for a short period of time. I just finished a project that I've been dreading because I needed to "finish" it with hand-sewing. Again, thanks so much!
~Louise S., Florida

Take the Shot with Cosamin®DS

Some 20 years ago, while playing basketball, I developed knee discomfort and went to an orthopedic surgeon. He x-rayed and recommended Cosamin®DS and I've been taking the product ever since.

I'm still on Cosamin®DS, and, at 81 years old, I have played in three National Senior Games of basketball, winning a gold medal this past year in Birmingham, Alabama. in the 80+ bracket. I play basketball twice weekly and I swim ½ mile weekly. I still walk and play golf regularly. I also work out at the local gym to keep in shape. My wife and I walk at least 120 miles of beach each winter.

I have mentioned Cosamin® to any who will listen. I have never had another problem with my knees or fingers (knuckles) and am as agile as I was 30 years ago since I tried Cosamin®. Not sure how your product works, but you'll never get me to stop taking Cosamin®. – Paul S., Ohio.

15 Years with Cosamin®DS

I have used Cosamin®DS for 15 years. I take 2 capsules a day, and am very pleased with the results, what a great product.
-Richard Z. Florida.

Carry on with Cosamin®DS

I’m 87 years-old, and I’ve used Cosamin®DS for eight years. It has really helped with my joint comfort! I used other products, but didn’t get any support. I started taking 3 Cosamin®DS capsules a day for my knees, and soon I noticed a big change. After six months, I started taking 2 capsules a day. It is helping me enjoy my retired life by helping me do the things I love. I know I wouldn’t be able to carry on with my daily life without Cosamin®. For the comfort and satisfaction, Cosamin®DS is well worth the price. Raymond C., Maryland.

Cosamin® to the Rescue

I used to feel severe discomfort climbing the 4 flights of stairs to get to my office. I used Cosamin®DS for about 2 years and regained my comfort. The discomfort came back as I began to be more active. Cosamin®ASU came out, so I tried that. Now, I no longer feel discomfort going up the stairs. I take 2 capsules in the morning and two in the evening. Thank you for having this product. Martin M., Maryland

20 Years with Cosamin®DS

Having played football (high school & college) in my youth, I injured my left knee and hamstring. So, for a few years I avoided any serious running. However, my wife informed me that I was not looking fit…so…back to the workouts. In about 1978, I began a 2-3 mile a day jog/run routine. This came to a sudden end about 1995 when my knee became unmanageable. My neighbor who was a doctor (orthopedic surgeon) looked at my knee, and suggested “walk only or knee replacement!” However, my hunting/fishing buddy (an elderly pharmacist) said, “try some glucosamine; it helps old horses and old dogs, so…I asked, “What brand?” He suggested trying a new product that was/is researched by a good pharmacist who put his reputation on the line. Enter Cosamin®DS, a glucosamine HCl/chondroitin sulfate combination, (Dr. Bob “Proceed Soldier!!”). I still jog/run 1 ½ - 2 miles a day/seven days a week, and 1-2 miles a day on the T-5 Cross Trainer. Thanks for your excellent product, and continued research. Dr. Bob is a “knee saver!!”—Roland R., North Dakota

I Am a True Believer

I am a 56 year old orthopedic surgeon with significant joint discomfort in my left ankle. I decided to try joint health supplements, and found Cosamin DS. After 3 months of taking Cosamin DS, I am 99% comfortable and have been for the past 2 1/2 months. This is the first time in 12 years that I have been comfortable walking. I have hiked 25 miles with a 45 lb backpack in the mountains as a test. No problems. I am now a true believer and will continue taking my Cosamin DS! – Michael G., Colorado.

You Need to Try Cosamin®DS!

My husband and I both take Cosamin®DS every morning. After years of sports, working out, and being tough on our bodies, we deal with a lot of issues - Ankles, knees, shoulders, you name it. But since we’ve started taking Cosamin®DS, I can tell a big difference in the discomfort! My joints move better! I highly recommend getting on a Cosamin®DS regimen to see how well it will work for you!

It Really Works, I Can Feel the Results!

I have used other products, but I keep coming back to Cosamin! It is the best product I have ever tried, and it really works – Lynda, FL

Active Again at 66

I'm a 66 year old active grandmother and in February of this year I had issues in my right hip. By the time May rolled around the joint discomfort had increased so much that going upstairs was very difficult and slow. I am slight in build so weight was not a factor. Being very active, I was dismayed that I could not even do my usual treadmill without going very slow, and I was worried about living on medications. I had been on another brand of glucosamine/chondroitin meds for a few years but these weren't helping. After seeing an ad for Cosamin DS, I decided to try it. Within 6 weeks I saw a difference, and now I'm climbing stairs and walking on the treadmill with less joint discomfort. I'm active again and it's worth every penny to have my health back.

11 years strong with Cosamin®DS

In late 2005, my orthopedic surgeon recommended I start Cosamin DS due to severe joint discomfort in my knee. I swear by Cosamin and have been taking it for 11 years now. I even have my 2 sisters taking it.

Getting Along with Cosamin®DS

My knees had been very uncomfortable, so I sought an orthopedic doctor at the hospital where I worked. He told me about Cosamin DS. Every once in a while I decide I can get along without it. Not true! In less than a week they start to feel uncomfortable again.

A hole in one with Cosamin®

I started on Cosamin DS in April of this year. I was having severe knee discomfort. I started wearing a brace, but that didn't really help. Golf season was nearing and I was really worried I would miss it. I went to my doctor and he recommended taking Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulfate; specifically, the Cosamin brand of Joint Health Supplement. He said he knows this brand is good because he uses it himself. I started feeling improvement in short fashion and I didn't lose any of my golf season. THANKS Cosamin DS. Larry L., Quinnesec, MI

Rolling With Cosamin!

I broke my pelvis in 1983 and have been using inline skates as a prosthetic device since 1990 ( Public Transportation does not allow me on with my skates, so I ride a Motorcycle wearing my skates. I skate 12 miles on the Friday Night Skate every Friday night in San Francisco to stimulate the synovial fluid in my hip. I have been using Cosamin ASU for the past several years and used Cosamin DS prior to that for 10+ years. I was desperate until I found Cosamin DS and now have an active lifestyle.

Cosamin®DS Makes a Difference

My husband and I have been taking Cosamin DS for years. About 6 months into it, I decided to stop taking it to see if it made a difference. After 4 days of not taking it, the discomfort came back in my left knee and hip! I resumed taking it and will never stop again! Maryann M., Las Vegas, NV

Comfortable Again!

I am 66. About a year ago, I told my physician that I was experiencing issues in my knees, especially climbing stairs and bending down to open file drawers. My doctor recommended that I lose weight, exercise, and Cosamin DS. He specifically told me to purchase that brand because it was backed by research. After one month, I was filing paperwork, and realized that I was comfortable when I bent down to open the bottom drawer of a file cabinet. I could again kneel on the floor to place things in bottom drawers. Shortly after that incident, we visited family in New York and I walked all over town comfortably. I was skeptical at first, but your product really is great! I have reduced the amount of Cosamin DS to one capsule per day. Great stuff!

Fourteen Years with Cosamin®DS

Shattered my Tibia plateau in 2001. I had a plate with 6 screws holding everything together. My Orthopedic Surgeon told me Cosamin DS was the best with quality ingredients. It took 50 weeks and long PT before going back to work all the while taking my daily Cosamin DS. I was able to have all the hardware removed after 1 1/2 years and continue to take Cosamin DS. Now, it is 2015, and if I stopped for longer than 2 weeks I found discomfort. You know I resumed taking this great product! I have tried the competition and had no relief. Thank you, Nutramax Labs, for 14 years of relief. Thanks again and God Bless.

I Got my Life Back!

Before taking Cosamin®DS, I could barely get around because I was in so much discomfort. I felt terrible not being able to interact with my children. Soon after taking Cosamin®DS the discomfort started to ease, and it gave me my life back. My children are definitely loving their new and improved mommy!!!

A Believer in Cosamin®DS

I was waking up in the middle of the night with severe joint discomfort in my knee. I couldn't move until the discomfort subsided. I started taking Cosamin DS and received unbelievable relief. I will not go without it now. I have recommended to family and friends who are having issues. I am a firm believer in this product. Vicki L.

Cosamin®DS, It Works!

I had joint discomfort from a torn meniscus. After one month of taking 3 Cosamin DS capsules per day, I felt no more discomfort. One year later, I'm taking 1 capsule per day. It works!

Cosamin®DS to the Finish Line!

I have had two knee surgeries on the same knee. Rehab didn't go so well after the second surgery. I was sent to a specialist who put me in water therapy just to get me strong enough for regular PT again. I was told I wouldn't be able to run again. My doctor had recommended glucosamine before, but I just didn't want to take a bunch of pills! I finally broke down and tried it after I was beginning to sneak in a few minutes of running when I was supposed to be out walking! It took me an entire year to build up to seven miles. Then I was able to increase my mileage enough to train for my first marathon the next year. Since then I have been able to run several marathons and ultras. Running is my sanity, and I feel so blessed to be running! I have my therapist, Cosamin DS, and most important GOD to thank every day when I get to run! Candy T. Sturgis, MS

Couple on the Move with Cosamin®DS

My husband and I both take Cosamin DS. I was getting to the point when I got out of bed in the morning my ankles did not want to bend. After beginning Cosamin DS, I am now able to hop out of bed and rock on with my day. My husband is in construction and the Cosamin DS helps considerably with all the joint discomfort that comes with the work he does. THANKS! I love to keep moving!!!

33 and Active Thanks to Cosamin®DS

I am 33 years old and have had joint health issues for at least ten years. The discomfort in my knees and elbows has really limited the activities I enjoy. My Dr. recommended Cosamin DS, which I immediately bought and have been using ever since. It absolutely helps with my joints and is a necessity to have! I ran out of it for about a week or so and noticed a big difference in how my joints felt (not good)! I would, and have, recommended it to anyone. For me, it allows me to be active and helps tremendously with the discomfort.

9 Years with Cosamin®DS

My husband and I have been faithfully taking Cosamin DS for 9 years now. My husband has no more problems with his hips and my knees are feeling better each year. The cartilage is still there, minimal, but there and I do believe it is due to this product. Keep up the good work. Love the product. Have referred this product to many of our friends. S. Otis

Cosamin is the only one that works!

I have tried many different products and Cosamin DS is the only one that works for my husband and myself. I used to get up in the morning with discomfort in my ankles, but since I've been taking Cosamin DS, for years now, no problems. I can't live without this stuff. I won't go without it and neither will my husband! Thanks y'all for an awesome product that actually works!

The Cosamin®DS Routine

Within 1 month of starting Cosamin DS as part of my regular nutritional support routine, all the clicks in my knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists stopped. Then, the joint discomfort stopped. Now I wake up and get up with much less discomfort most mornings. Nanette W. Orlando, FL