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Recommended for over 20 years, Cosamin is available in multiple formulas and is scientifically proven to help promote joint comfort.* Each Cosamin product is researched, tested & certified to meet our high standards and yours.

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Each quality Cosamin product is researched, tested, & certified.


Clinically proven to help promote joint comfort.

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Advanced, faster-acting formula to help promote joint comfort.*

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Vegetarian Formula + MSM.

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When it comes to the health of your joints, stop guessing and start knowing.

Cosamin is scientifically proven to help promote joint comfort, by helping to protect the cartilage that cushions your joints and eases movement. It's shown to work at the cellular level to inhibit enzymes that break down cartilage. Inside our Cosamin products is quality you can trust.


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"Cosamin is consistent, it helps me on a daily basis. I love Cosamin®ASU. It works!"

Jim Ryun

Track and Field Legend

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